Vocal Track

Vocal Track allows you to sing, play and record along to the songs on your iPhone or iPad. It has high quality digital reverb, compression and noise gate effects for the mic, a vocal canceller, to reduce the level of a songs main vocal and pitch control to change song pitch without affecting tempo. You can record unlimited takes of your performance and share them via email, Messages or social media app.

Note: DRM protected songs from Apple Music or iTunes cannot be loaded. Only songs from CD or other sources that you have added to iTunes manually. All songs purchased from iTunes after 2009 are DRM free.

Compatibility iOS 10.0, iPhone 5c/iPad 2 or better.


Ambi app is a free ambient noise generator to aid relaxation or concentration. Unlike many apps that use looped audio recordings Ambi generates a constantly changing mixture of white, brown and pink noise algorithmically. The mix can be altered by dragging the white sphere's position or it can be randomised automatically by selecting motion. Digital reverb can also be added for increased depth.

Compatibility iOS 10.0, iPhone 5c/iPad 2 or better.

Ambi Pro

Ambi Pro adds a timer and user EQ presets features to Ambi for greater flexiblility.

Compatibility iOS 10.0, iPhone 5c/iPad 2 or better.


Melodica is a polyphonic melodica instrument for iPhone and iPad. It features high quality samples with adjustable reverb and delay effects, together with selectable breath or touch control. The arrow keys shift the keyboard up or down by one octave and the number keyboard keys can also be configured for enhanced playability.

Compatibility iOS 10.0, iPhone 5c/iPad 2 or better.

Drum Pad

Drum Pad turns your iPhone or iPad into a wireless, velocity sensitive midi drum pad controller. Play your mac's midi drum and percussion instruments, with velocity sensitive expression, and minimal latency using midi over wifi. Name, midi number and channel for each of the pads can be configured. The preset pad layouts let you display from 1 to 6 pads on screen at once.

Using our free Vmidi app for OS X, you can send midi from Drum Pad directly to your mac down the standard USB charging cable, resulting in very low midi jitter and latency.

Compatibility iOS 10.0, iPhone 5c/iPad 2 or better.

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